Imitating interaction

Kind is a digital platform tailored to improve the communication between health care providers and their patients in Sweden, Brazil, Portugal and Mexico. In this, I produce in-app material with the aim to instruct users how to interact with the mobile application.

Company: Kind
My roles: visual design, moving images production
Design tasks: design and produce instructional in-app videos for Kind´s users
Target group: health care providers and health care patients
Duration: oct 2020 - ongoing
Methods/tools: Photoshop, AfterEffects

This is an ongoing project where videos are updated along with updates in the Kind application. Therefore, my work has consisted of creating video templates that allow for quick production and are easily updated with new material as needed.


My work with Kind started with gathering knowledge about them as a brand, their audience and the application itself. I was introduced to initial video drafts produced by Kind and analyzed how they could be improved. The biggest design opportunities I saw in these were that the resolution of the videos needs to be consistent and match the one of the type of device they were going to be watched on (smartphone), have a consistent and natural flow and clearly communicate the relevant information.

The primary target group for the videos is health care providers who according to Kind´s user research have a natural resistance to technology. Therefore, I thought it was important to design these videos in a way that they would not only serve as direct instructions of how to use the application, but also as means to make the experience with it more approachable and welcoming. I strived to achieve this by presenting the interaction with the application in a human-centered, efficient and intuitive way.

In addition to the hard facts about Kind´s visual guidelines, I also gathered soft data to form a solid foundation of how to present an accurate brand experience within the videos. From this, I formed brand keywords that would influence all my design choices from visual style, composition and timing to animations and transitions.

Gold, silver, BRONZE

To achieve the maximum result in the minimal amount of time, I based all videos off of screen recordings with the application itself. This let me tailor and quickly gather the material I needed while naturally adding the human touch to the interaction.

Tempo & Clarity

By recording the interaction with the application and testing it on people I saw that two of the most important qualities to make the videos human-centered, efficient and intuitive were tempo and clarity. Therefore, I created animations that maintain a consistent tempo and that highlight relevant information intuitively within the videos.

From this, I created several video templates allowing me to quickly produce new videos as needed along with the updates in the Kind application.


By working with Kind I have learned how gestures can be effectively imitated with visual language as well as how to to design, produce and encode videos specifically for digital applications. I have seen that tempo and consistency can work as factors to gain and maintain the user´s trust in themselves to use technology that they naturally have resistance to. Through this, I have gained insight in how to visually communicate in a way that speaks the language of the audience and encourages them to take action while also embodying the brand experience.